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Equipment Demo

Purchasing avionics can be a large investment, and we understand this.  There is a wide variety of equipment available and our goal is to find the configuration that best suits your needs.  We have invested in our customers by having a wide variety of equipment available for demonstration purposes.

The following is a list of equipment that Avionics Installations, Inc. has available to demonstrate:

Aspen Avionics:
Avionics EFD1000 Pro EFIS
EA100 Autopilot Adapter

Garmin International Certified Products:
G500 EFIS System
GMA 350c Bluetooth Audio Panel
GDL 88 ADS-B Transceiver
GTX 32 Remote Mount Transponder
GTX 327 Panel Mount Transponder
GAP 26 AOA Probe
GSU 25 AOA Computer
GI 260 AOA Display
GI 106A NAV Indicator

Garmin International Experimental Products:
G3X Touch GDU 460 10" EFIS Display
G3X Touch GDU 465 10" EFIS Display
GMC 305 Autopilot Controller (for G3X / G3X Touch)
GMC 307 Autopilot Controller (for G3X / G3X Touch)
GSA 28 Autopilot Servos (for G3X / G3X Touch)
GEA 24 Engine monitoring system (for G3X / G3X Touch)
GAD 29 Interface adapter (for G3X / G3X Touch)
GAD 27 Airframe adapter (for G3X / G3X Touch)
GTR 200 Comm Radio
GAP 26 AOA System (for G3X / G3X Touch)
GDL 39R ADS-B Receiver (for G3X / G3X Touch)
GTX 23ES Remote Mount ADS-B Out Transponder

Garmin International Portable Products:
Aera 796 Handheld GPS
GPSMAP 696 Handheld GPS
D2 Bravo Pilot Watch
VIRB XE Action Camera Aviation Bundle

PS Engineering:
PM 8000 Audio Panel

Vertical Power Systems:
VP-X Pro